For our esteemed Customer, we strictly adhere to ASTM/ISO/SAE/ANSI Standards. Some of them are mentioned below.


  • ASTM C423 – Random Incidence Sound Absorption (Full-size Reverberation Room)
  • SAE Standard (J2883)- Small Sample Random Incidence Sound Absorption
  • ASTM E1050 – Normal Incidence Sound Absorption
  • SAE J1400 – Small Sample Sound Transmission Loss
  • SAE J1637 – Vibration Damping
  • ASTM E756 – Vibration Damping
  • ISO 3471/ANSI S12.51 – Sound Power Level
  • ASTM E2249 – Sound Intensity Based Transmission Loss
  • ASTM C522 – Airflow Resistance of Acoustical Materials

Building Acoustics

  • ASTM C423 – Random Incidence Sound Absorption (Full-size Reverberation Room)
  • ISO 10140 – Measurement of Sound Transmission Loss in Laboratory as well as on Site (Field Testing)
  • ASTM C634 – Standard Terminology Relating to Building and Environmental Acoustics
  • ISO 717-1:2013 – Rating of sound insulation in buildings
  • ASTM E336 – 10 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Airborne Sound Attenuation between Rooms in Buildings , airborne sound transmission loss

Apart from this, Alfa Acoustics has a huge database on Acoustic materials hardly available anywhere and can be used for its Clients.