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Dr. Paresh Shravage has done his doctorate in Acoustic Materials from University of Pune, India. During his Doctorate, he has worked as a Marie-Curie Fellow at School of Acoustics, University of Ferrara, Italy under European Doctorate in Sound and Vibration (EDSVS) programme. He is having almost 10 years of research and Industrial experience in Acoustic materials, Noise and Vibration. During his service ARAI, he has been recognized by Innovative awards several times.

He has published several research papers on acoustic materials in national/international conferences and journals. He is a recipient of Sir C.V. Raman award from the Acoustical society of India for his work on Reverberation chamber.

He is a member of Acoustics Material Standard Committee, SAE International, USA. His main area of specialization is use of acoustic materials for vehicle as well as building acoustics applications.

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